Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Top 10 Reasons I Run

Inspired by a writing prompt from Christine at Write and Run 31!

The top ten reasons I run: ( in no particular order)

10: It's cheaper than therapy

9: I like to eat

8:  I have three daughters. It is quiet in the woods

7:  I do not want to look like the older gentlemen in the water aerobics class at my gym

6:  It pairs perfectly with my Catholic guilt/suffering

5:  A new pair of running shoes is WAY cheaper than a new sports car (midlife crisis)

4: You get to wear tights in public!

3:  To inspire others! ( sorry, I had to have one "New Agey" response)

2: To quiet the voices

1:  To enjoy the beautifully simplistic act of running.

Why do you run?

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