Sunday, October 16, 2016

A challenging week and getting my run mojo back!

This past week was quite the week.
Monday, head coach got in a car accident right in front of campus. An ominous start to the week. She is fine. A bit bruised and sore but none the worse for wear. I covered Monday and Tuesday's practice in her absence.
We have been struck by the injury bug big time this season. One of our top runners was just put in a boot. We are two weeks away from our conference championship and trying to keep everyone in one piece.We have spoken with the training staff more that with our families the past two weeks.
Our runner in the boot went home on Thursday to see her grandfather, who was just moved to hospice as he loses his battle with cancer. We got news yesterday that he passed away.

At the age of 53, I have had my share of experiences with loved ones dying. I lost both my parents due to health issues before I was 40. My high school graduating class has a Facebook page. I cringe whenever I see a notification from the group. It usually means that a classmate has passed on.
I remember when some of my dad's friends began to pass away, I thought it must be a really unnerving and introspective time when you start to hear the drumbeat of mortality beating away in the distance. I now am getting to experience that feeling firsthand. However to see someone struggle with their first loss of a beloved family member is heartbreaking, no matter how much loss YOU have experienced.

In an effort to turn our luck around, coach and I turned to our go to Friday lunch of Spinach Zaki (for her) and Eggplant Zaki (for me) at our favorite Mediterranean restaurant across the street from campus. Hopefully this will help us turn things around!

One bright spot in the week is that I got a few runs in. I have been floundering in a bit of a slump the past month or so with my own running. With 20 runners and 5 triathletes on the 813 Coaching roster and the Meredith XC team, I am concentrating on everyone's running but my own! The cooler temps are definitely making things easier as I can wait and run in the afternoon without having to worry about getting heat stroke in the blazing NC heat and humidity.

Looking forward to a fresh start on Monday. Training plans have been sent out to all my athletes, a fresh supply of coffee and plant based snacks are in the pantry and hopefully the week, even with a funeral service looming, will be better.

Coach G

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Giving Back

The Cross Country team was on fall break this week, but with a meet on Saturday the girls had to stay on campus.
We decided to do our service project on Thursday by visiting the local animal shelter to run with some puppies!