Wednesday, January 28, 2015


It's only 8:28pm, but it feels like 2am!

The day started at 5:30 am this morning when I taught boot camp class.I have a dedicated group of regulars that make the sacrifice and get into the gym for class every Wednesday morning at the crack of dawn so I can thrash them. I found time after class to actually get in a upper body circuit for myself! I debated about running right after that, but I decided to wait until the afternoon when conditions would be more desirable!

I felt tired on my way into Raleigh, where I was going to run before I had to be at Capital RunWalk running store at 2:30pm for a GenerationUCAN demo. The run got off to a rather sluggish start, (at least it sure felt like it!) as I set out from the North Carolina Museum of Art. My plan was to run from the Museum to the Trenton Gate entrance of Umstead State Park. By mile two I as feeling better and settled into a nice pace and wound up with a negative split for the run.

It was then off to teach a "Tone and Sculpt" class at 5:30pm. I got home at around 7pm, wolfed down some Vegan Mac & (Non) cheese, and avocado and some fruit. Since I had missed a few days of blogging as part of the #writeandRun31 Challenge, I knew if I did not sit down immediately after dinner and hammer this out, I would be out for the night.

Tomorrow it's up at 4am, first client at 5am. Multiple run Thursday!!


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