Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Virginian 6.6K

On October 12th I will be running the Virginian 6.6K, a race  that supports cancer care at Bristol Regional Medical Center's J.D. and Lorraine Nicewonder Cancer Center. I am hoping to raise $250.00 for the cause. Please visit my donation page and consider making a donation! Thanks!

Here is the link to my donation page:  Gene's Donation Page

Learn more about the event:  The Virginian 6.6 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Product Review: INKnBURN Men's "Lust" Running shorts

The folks over at INKnBURN combine comfort and Art in their running apparel and their Men's Lust running shorts are a great example of that combination. These lightweight, durable shorts not only look good, but feel great at any distance.

  I initially took them out on a few short runs with my RunWorx training group, and loved their light feel and the way they fit. They are 3/4 thigh length, which I prefer over something longer or too short. ( Do not want to be the guy rockin the "Booty Shorts"!) They wicked the moisture well, standing up to the oppressive humidity of a Carolina summer day.

  I then brought them along with me on a trip to Virginia to run along the Iron Mountain Trail. We started the run off in a total downpour along the Virginia Creeper trail. The rain eased up by the time we got to the single track Iron Mountain Trail and I was impressed with how quickly the Lust shorts dried out. Even when they were soaking wet, I had no issues with chafing or discomfort.

 The Lust shorts have now become my "Go To" shorts for most of my runs. Since I wear them so often, I am constantly washing them. They have held up well after repeated trips to the washing machine. Another nice feature is that there is no irritating tag to deal with inside the shorts. Two handy front pockets for storing a key or gel is another plus.

  Overall I am very impressed with both the look and functionality of the shorts. I would highly recommend checking a pair out! 
Check out their Website here: