Monday, July 10, 2017

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

A challenging week and getting my run mojo back!

This past week was quite the week.
Monday, head coach got in a car accident right in front of campus. An ominous start to the week. She is fine. A bit bruised and sore but none the worse for wear. I covered Monday and Tuesday's practice in her absence.
We have been struck by the injury bug big time this season. One of our top runners was just put in a boot. We are two weeks away from our conference championship and trying to keep everyone in one piece.We have spoken with the training staff more that with our families the past two weeks.
Our runner in the boot went home on Thursday to see her grandfather, who was just moved to hospice as he loses his battle with cancer. We got news yesterday that he passed away.

At the age of 53, I have had my share of experiences with loved ones dying. I lost both my parents due to health issues before I was 40. My high school graduating class has a Facebook page. I cringe whenever I see a notification from the group. It usually means that a classmate has passed on.
I remember when some of my dad's friends began to pass away, I thought it must be a really unnerving and introspective time when you start to hear the drumbeat of mortality beating away in the distance. I now am getting to experience that feeling firsthand. However to see someone struggle with their first loss of a beloved family member is heartbreaking, no matter how much loss YOU have experienced.

In an effort to turn our luck around, coach and I turned to our go to Friday lunch of Spinach Zaki (for her) and Eggplant Zaki (for me) at our favorite Mediterranean restaurant across the street from campus. Hopefully this will help us turn things around!

One bright spot in the week is that I got a few runs in. I have been floundering in a bit of a slump the past month or so with my own running. With 20 runners and 5 triathletes on the 813 Coaching roster and the Meredith XC team, I am concentrating on everyone's running but my own! The cooler temps are definitely making things easier as I can wait and run in the afternoon without having to worry about getting heat stroke in the blazing NC heat and humidity.

Looking forward to a fresh start on Monday. Training plans have been sent out to all my athletes, a fresh supply of coffee and plant based snacks are in the pantry and hopefully the week, even with a funeral service looming, will be better.

Coach G

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Giving Back

The Cross Country team was on fall break this week, but with a meet on Saturday the girls had to stay on campus.
We decided to do our service project on Thursday by visiting the local animal shelter to run with some puppies!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

A few new favorites and a busy weekend behind me!

After a long week with less than desirable weather for both running and holding practice, we took the Meredith Track team out on Friday night for some fun bonding time at the local bowling alley!

I was also excited for the weekend as I had some new things to test out. Saturday morning I taught boot camp at 8am and spin class at 9am. Right after that, I met up with my friend Mika, who I had not ran with in forever, for a nice 7 mile run. My friends at Generation UCAN had sent me some samples of their new flavor, Cocoa Delite, and I mixed some up and drank it on the drive over to meet Mika for the run.
Another great flavor! I really like the taste of the Cocoa. You can check them out at

After our 7 miler, I had to stop by Meredith and catch up on a bit of paperwork. As luck would have it, the fitness center was open so I got a quick lifting session in before leaving!

I had gotten home late Friday, but was happy to see that my box of Tasc performance wear had arrived and was sitting on the front porch for me!

I love their gear!!

Their fabric is a mix of bamboo and organic cotton and is really comfortable and odor resistant!

Sunday morning I did my usual thing of getting up early, making coffee and sending out weekly training schedules to my runners. If you like strong coffee, and I mean STRONG coffee, check out Death Wish Coffee. They are from a small town in upstate New York called Round Lake, where my sister lives!

I had a group run at noon with the Jimmy V Foundation's Team V and I was eager to run since the weather was going to be beautiful! I was also eager to test out my new Brooks Launch 2's that I had purchased from Omega Sports on Saturday. I was in dire need of new road shoes. I had been running in Mizuno Wave Rider 17 and 18's, but they had quite a few miles on them. I had ran in Brooks before, so it was nice to check them out again!

I ran a little over four miles in them. They are super light and very responsive! Can't wait to get more miles in with them.

Some of My Team V peeps!

After the group run I sped off to the gym to teach 2pm spin class. I had a good crowd and they worked hard. 3 new people in class too!

A man and his spin bike.....

Another busy week coming up as we prepare The Meredith College Track team for their first outdoor meet of the season on Saturday March 5th at Berry College in Rome, Georgia!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Fitting it all in and Focusing on the Tasc at Hand!

Being a coach, fitness instructor AND trying to keep up with my own training can be a challenge at times. Careful planning and preparation can mean the difference between getting a workout in and easily rationalizing to yourself that you are “too busy”. Laying out my gear the night before and always keeping a complete set of Tasc workout gear always ensures that I have no excuse to not get that run in!

Getting the week of to a good start always puts me in a good mood and gets me motivated for the week. Here is my typical Monday schedule:
6am: Run with my client, who is training for a full Ironman.
7am: Strength Training with a group of my runners.
9:30am: Teach Boot Camp class.
11:30am: Arrive at Meredith College to begin track practices .
12pm: Training with our Shot Put athlete.
1pm: Coach and I get our lifting in!
2pm: Practice with Sprinters.
3pm: Practice with Mid distance and distance athletes.
5pm: Leave Meredith, get home at 6pm, eat dinner and prep for Tuesday, which starts with a client run at 7am!

I try to run with my clients as often as possible, which is a great way to fit my workout in! I will also join my distance runners on the track team if they are going out on a recovery run that day. Many times I am going from one client to another or heading right to practice after a lifting session on campus, so having my comfortable, odor free Tasc Performance gear with me is a huge advantage!
Coaching life can be hectic at times, but I would not trade it for the world! Be prepared, stay motivated and get that run or workout in!

Track Team selfie!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Away We Go

So I wound up with 2,138 miles for 2015, my highest yearly mileage total to date. I notched another 100 miler in my belt, completing the Massanutten 100 in May. I PR'd in both the 5K and the half. I am very happy with the way the running year worked out.

I was also blessed to have success in my coaching career as well. I August of 2015, I was hired as assistant cross country coach at Meredith College in Raleigh. The team won it's third consecutive USA South Conference Championship in Greensboro, NC at the end of October!

My 813 Coaching athletes were also busy in 2015. I had Theresa qualify for Boston, Meghan PR for the half and I brought Ted over to the Ultra dark side with the completion of his first 50K and 50 miler!

I got 2016 off to a good start with the running of my "Cotton Mouth" 5K this morning. It was the second year of holding this fun run and we had a blast!

January 11th starts track season at Meredith, where I will be coaching middle distance and distance runners. I am also working as a coach with the Jimmy V Foundation, to help train runners for the Rock n Roll Marathon in April here in Raleigh, NC and raise funds for cancer research.

As for races, I have a 50K in Wilmington, NC at the end of January, the Uwharrie Mountain 20 miler on Feb 6th and I head back to Wilmington on Feb 21st for a half marathon.

Looking to more fun adventures in 2016! (Maybe another 100 miler too!)

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Race 13.1 Race Report

It had been a while since I "Raced" a half marathon. 2011 to be exact. The 2011 Tobacco Road Half Marathon was my official return to running after a lengthy hiatus and a 3 year infatuation with road cycling. I ran that half marathon in March of 2011, then jumped right into trail and ultra running after that.

So,out of the blue I signed up for the Race 13.1 in Durham. Never known for my strong scheduling abilities, this race came a week after the Epic 24 hour run in which I ran 52.7 miles over 17 hours. Not exactly a taper. Then throw a 12 mile training run with a client in on Wednesday before the half, and you have a recipe for struggle.

These thoughts swirled through my head as I stood with my friend Dene and the 2 hour pace group at the start. My large goal was to run sub 2 hours. My back up goal was to PR, besting my time of 2:05 back in 2011.I really had no idea how this race would go for me. It could either be a huge sucess or utter disaster!
It was unusually warm for December with temps near 50 degrees at the 8am start. After several years of running ultras with maybe 200 people at the start line, this race was a bit of a culture shock with several thousand folks lurking at the starting corral.

Then we took off. It was not the "casual" ultra start I am used to either! These folks were hauling ass from the get go. I stuck with the pacer as we wound our way out of the mall parking lot and into the streets of Durham. By mile two I was in a comfortable spot, right in with the 2 hour group. Dene has snuck ahead of me already and was running strong. I was just hoping this comfortable feeling would last me for 13.1 miles. By mile three I gotten up ahead of the two hour group and was cruising along. I did not wear a watch or have a phone. It was actually nice just listening to my body and not be obsessed with splits. I did not have my hand held with me either, so I made sure to grab a quick drink from each water stop as I went.
Then there was the hills. Lots of them. Not overly steep or long, but relentless nonetheless. And they just kept on coming. And they would slowly start sucking the life from my legs as the race went on. I passed through the 10K mark. In hindsight I would say that I ran a great 10K, only it was a 13.1 mile race. If my body had a check engine light, it probably would have came on around mile 7 or 8.

The struggle was getting real, and the hills were beginning to win. I took some comfort from seeing the vacant, grim look of other runners as we came through out and back sections. I was now soaked with sweat from my head to my toes. While rounding a corner only to see another large hill in front of us, the gentleman alongside me uttered "F*%k me!" More fitting words could not have been spoken.

At mile ten I was smote as the 2 hour pace group caught and passed me. My hope of a sub two hour finish disappeared just like the 2:00 sign as it descended the hill in front of me. I was walking the hills now, panting like a dog with my hands on my hips. I would try to run hard on the flats and downhills and power hike half way up the hills and then run over the top. I began to fear that I would be overtaken by the 2:15 pace group at this rate, and miss my chance of a PR as well.
Finally, the mall loomed in the distance before me! I could hear the faint sound of that finish line music. My pace at this point could only be described as a "rhythmic stagger" as I entered the parking lot toward the finish. Crossing the line I was pleasantly surprised to see I had finished in 2:04, (2:03:43 chip time) grabbing a PR despite blowing up on the second half of the race!

The good: Hats off to the Race 13.1 people. This was a super organized and well run event.
Shout out to my friend Dene, who crushed the half in 1:58!

The Bad: Not being smart enough to stick with the pace group. Okay and maybe all those damn hills and the warm weather!

A song that was stuck in my head during the race from a band I have rediscovered recently. Alter Bridge!