Saturday, May 21, 2011

The End is nea...... oh. wait. really???

After an abysmal week of work, here I am at "Rapture" weekend. Apparently the world is coming to an end tonight at 6pm EST. I immediately snapped into action yesterday and went to Fleet Feet and picked up some Honey Stinger energy chews. If it all goes down tonight, I want to be properly fueled.

Why is it that every time the Amgen Tour of California comes around someone comes out of the woodwork and decides to "come clean" about their use of PED's? The largest cycling event in this country is going on and there is some misty eyed former cyclist admitting to a very concerned looking journalist that he could not bear the shame any longer and had to tell the world he was shooting EPO back in the late 90's. Oh yeah, and Lance was there too! Of course!! So was Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi and Victor Conte! When is the book coming out?
Look, I don't know who to believe anymore myself. I just think the timing sucks. We get a chance to see some amazing world class cycling in our own back yard, but all everyone is talking about is the upcoming 60 Minutes show on Sunday night.

I did manage to get in some good runs this week. The knee is doing well. Got a 5K race coming up in two weeks, so I scouted the course this morning. Uphill finish......awesome.

Now, off I go to assemble the Apocalypse emergency kit! I figure on firing up the stereo at around 5:55pm, and dropping the Doors "The End" on the CD player and dip into those Honey Stinger treats.

See you on the other side!


  1. It seems that all the ex-teammates of Lance are coming out of the woodwork at this point. I don't know who to believe either. Some are likely seeking a book deal and some needed publicity. Glad your knee is doing better. I got in a nice rapture long run yesterday, but magically I can run today as well becausewe are still here!

  2. The world is still here....... hope you enjoyed the chews!!