Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cross training and frozen ravioli

It has been almost a week since I "tweaked" the ole left knee on a trail run. I took it out for a two mile "test" run today, and so far so good.
 Taking a mini break from running got me back on my road bike last Monday, which was a nice change. ( I had not been on it since December 2010!) I taught spin class Tuesday night AND Wednesday morning, so I did try to maintain some fitness this week.
My companion on this recovery has been a 24 oz bag of frozen ravioli, which I have been using to ice the knee. It wraps around the knee quite nicely. I have used it so much I am surprised I have not brought it to a state of "al dente", as it has sat thawing out repeatedly on my knee.

Erring on the side of caution, I will not be doing the "Gauntlet" run this weekend. Mud pits, dirt walls and truck tires does not seem like suitable rehab at this point!

So I will be patient, and take things slow and easy...... and maybe put on a pot of tomato sauce for this ravioli!    

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