Sunday, May 15, 2011

Aesop and Mayo

Got out early this morning to run with some friends, like 6:45am early. We had a good seven + mile run, and it was nice to have the workout done and be back at the house at 8am! It had been quite a while since I had done a "road" run of that length,  and the knee held up well.
Around mile six, we saw a rabbit, who paced us for a little while along the side of the road, before returning to the woods. We then turned onto another street, only to be met by a turtle that was crossing the road. The symbolism was not lost on any of us, as it appeared the turtle was ahead of the "hare" at the time. When I reached the turtle, it looked like he was clearly employing the "Galloway" method, but he did look strong!

The humidity was still with us this morning, even with the rain/thunderstorms pushing through last night. I was soaked from head to toe at the end, and apologized to my friend Heather in advance for leaving a huge rorchach ass print on the seat of her SUV on the ride back to her house.

While out food shopping later in the day, I came across this rather disturbing product:

Run hard, run happy. 


  1. I think hair mayo would bring out The Greaser look! But then again it might quiet the frizzies...

  2. I love/have to run at predawn, and more in summer, here in Houston
    is very hard run at other time.

  3. Running that early can be so powerful. Glad you enjoyed it.