Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Back to it!

After a few days off to reward the 'ole legs, I got back out on the trails today. A nice 5 mile run on the nearby American Tobacco Trail. It is nice and flat, so it's a good way to start back training. I had made the tactical error of drinking several cups of coffee and THEN taking a GU octane with caffine, so at the start of the run, I was WIGGIN' out! After the first two jittery miles. with my pace being all over the place, I finally settled into a nice groove. I wound up doing a negative split, running the last 2.5 miles faster than the first.

 So now I am tuning up for the"Gauntlet" run, a four mile obstacle course complete with dirt walls, creek crossings and a mud pit...... It seemed like a good idea at the time!

Run hard, Run happy!


  1. The gauntlet run sounds like fun!

    Thanks again for your generous donation to help find a cure for cancer :-)

  2. Nice caffeine boost there! I always mean to hit ATT, but end up going to Umstead as its much closer. I was the opposite from wiggin' yesterday, legs a little heavy so tomorrow will be a good day off. Nice to recharge.