Monday, April 11, 2011

Rumble through the woods

9 miles on the Birkhead Mountain Wilderness Trail yesterday. Since it requires some driving for me to get there, I always feel the need to put in some miles there. I also have the trail half race in three weeks, so it was time to do trail work!

It was good running weather, overcast and 50 degrees at the start of my run, but humid. After a few days of rain, the trail was muddy, but in good shape overall. I was taking it easy today, also going solo, as my trail partner was attending her neice's B-Day Party. I was also testing out my new Nathan Hydro vest, which I must say was awesome!

Once again, the trail was pretty empty. I only came across three people in 9 miles. The hard woods are now all starting to bud, so next time I'm out, the forest will be completely green.
I hit my turn around at 4.5 miles, and felt good until around mile six, then I started to hit the wall a little bit. I had to climb a couple of steep ridges, and wound up run/walking/gasping/cussing up the last climb like a Galloway runner with tourettes. Having survived that ass whooping (somewhat), I was encouraged to see "smiley tree", which meant I only had about a mile and a half to go.
The last mile is downhill towards the trail head, and not very technical, so I picked up the pace, jumped the last little creek, and mercifully arrived back at the car.
  I was muddy, sweaty, tired.............and happy!!

A man and his pack.


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