Friday, April 1, 2011

March 2011

I had a good March, run wise. Logged about 80+ miles between Road and trails. Ran the Tobacco Road Half Marathon on 3/20. Was shooting for a goal of  2:15, finished in 2:05:16, so I was happy with my time. At mile ten, It looked like I may be able to break the two hour mark, but a couple of little hills near the finish cooked my ass! 
I did notice that hydration belts have become quite popular! There were some folks that had them strapped on bandolero style. I saw one women rockin this look, along with her phone, mp3 player and compression socks. She looked like an ATF agent about to raid a Meth lab! ( There were aid stations along the way, with water, gatorade and Gu!)
I also noticed the increased popularity of the run/walk method as well. I noticed this due to the fact that it seemed that everyone doing this stopped to walk right in front of me and my friend Heather! If it works for folks, God bless 'em. If I stop to walk, game over!! I gotta keep running!
So next big run is the Race for the Land, which is a Trail Half Marathon.( It will be run on trails on a 1400acre section of private land, with a maximum of 200 entrants. April 30th is the date.
Can't wait!!

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