Monday, April 4, 2011


Back to running today. Had kind of a rest day yesterday, ran/walked a mile or two with a friend and her dog.

 Today I headed back to the trails. We are in the midst of our annual "Pollen scourge", and every outdoor thing is covered in a  neon green coat of the stuff! So what better place to go than a trail in the middle of the woods? On top of that, there was the wind. Now I thought that March was supposed to be the "windy" month, but it appears that April (so far) is picking up where March left off.
 I did a easy seven miles on the Peninsula Trail at Harris Lake. Normally I would just run the complete 5 mile loop, but I felt pretty good about 2 miles in, so I decided to turn around on the trail at 3.5 miles, and double back. I had never run the trail in reverse, so it was a nice change of pace.
I was pretty sheltered from the wind when I was in the forest, but every now and then the trail would jut out to the edge of the lake and WHAM! a nice slap of 20mph wind mixed with pollen was there to greet me.
 I actually saw another runner on the trail today! Saw two other folks who were walking their dogs as well. Spring has returned, and the temp was right at 70 degrees at 10am this morning.
Now if we can just get a nice rain storm to wash some of this pollen away!

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