Friday, April 15, 2011

Endurance Training 4/13

Got home from work at 5am. Got up at 7am, had to meet painter that was coming to paint interior of our house. Made coffee. Met with painter, got him squared away. (Thank God I am fluent in spanish!) Back to bed at 10 am. Back up at 1pm to check on painter. Everything is good with painter. Head to store to get groceries. (and more coffee) Back home at 3pm to meet daughter coming home from school. She is going to Florida for spring break. Other daughter is going on a cruise with her boyfriend and his family. Mom is working (tax season) and of course this painting thing is HER idea. Me, why I'm hanging out with the painter, brushing up on my spanish, trying to figure out when the hell I'm going to fit in my run today.

4pm, both daughters hit dad up for money for their trips.

4:45pm : drop daughter off at dance. Dance is from 5pm-6pm tonight, so I decide to do one of my "commando" runs from the parking lot of the dance studio, heading back into the neighborhoods behind the studio. FINALLY!!!

The run feels awesome. 70 degrees and sunny, and I drop right into a nice groove out in the streets. I even see two of my friends from the gym out running as well!

I get four miles in. I consider this a victory today.

6pm: with daughter in tow, I head back to the house. Painter is done with the living room, so now I move all the furniture back in place, then move the furniture in the sun room and play room so it will be ready for the painter tomorrow.

A quick bite to eat, shower, and now.... well now I get to go to work!

Still running.................

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