Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bengal Booster 5K

A little home cookin' this morning at the Bengal Booster 5k race here in town. It was nice not to have to get up at the ass crack of dawn to travel to a race!
It was a tad chilly this morning and we had a nice little breeze working. I arrived about an hour prior to the start, mainly due to the fact that one of the race organizers called me the night before to ask if I could burn a couple of audio CD's so they could have music playing at the start/finish line during the entire event! After dropping off the CD's to the audio guy, we mingled with the rest of the early arrivals. The start/finish of the race was in the parking lot of the gym where I teach, so we were able to go inside and keep warm. We also got to use REAL toilets for our pre-race business, another nice perk.
My daughter was also running this race, and being the "sprinter" of the family, this was considered a "distance" race for her.
There were a total of 177 people at the start. This was a nice change from the massive hoard of people at the start of the Half  I ran on 3/20 (some 3000 plus!) . I knew the course pretty well, (more home field advantage) although they did change the route slightly from the original. A few hills, but nothing crazy.

My daughter did great, finished in 32 minutes and some change. ( This was the longest distance she had run to date.  The old man finished in 24:58
A good start to the weekend, for sure!

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