Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rumbling through The Uwharrie

Being off from work this week, I have the opportunity to run at some spots I normally don't get to visit that often. Uwharrie National Forest being one of them. It was in my best interest to explore the Uwharrie Mountain Trail since I will be participating in the Uwharrie Mountain Run, all 40 miles of it, on February 4th 2012!
It was ideal weather for a trail run yesterday, mid 50's and a slight breeze, with crystal blue Carolina skies.  I Started my run at the southern terminus of the trail at Hwy 109. The plan was to run five miles out and back at ultra pace, since I was coming off my 26 mile Boxing day run on Monday.
Anticipating the rather technical terrain, I wore my La Sportiva Crosslites, which are a little beefier than my Brooks Pure Grit. I was glad I did. Lots of large rocks littered the trail, many of them hidden by the downed foliage.
I was the only car parked at the trail head, and I did not see another living soul the entire time I was out there. I was somewhat taken aback by the posted warning at the trail head regarding it being hunting season and to use caution and wear bright colors on the trail. My mind flashed back to the gas station down the road where I stopped right before I arrived at the trail head. It resembled something right out of a Dodge Ram commercial. Men waddling around in cammo, trucks with trailers carrying ATV's and, I'm sure, copious amounts of firearms and ammunition. I could hear Sam Elliot's booming voice in the distance: "Dodge Rah-uhmmmmm"

Thankfully, I was wearing my neon green Brooks running jacket!

  The run went well. I took a lot of walk breaks, had many an ankle roll, but no face plants! There were several creek crossings along the way as well.

I finally made it back to the parking lot, none the worse for wear.

Now begins the taper for Weymouth Woods 100K on January 14th!


  1. That place looks perfect. Recently we had a fire in a forest like that.

  2. It really does look great. I love my Crosslites, too! I wear them for all the trails around here (I'm in a very rocky trail area). It must have been a pleasant surprise to see no one else out there. I don't think I've been on any trail where I didn't see anyone else. Good luck for the 100k.

  3. There was some talk of Bigfoot being in the area. After this hit the news, I came upon a hunting forum where there was an active discussion involving the hairy fellow in Uwharrie. Someone mentioned that hunters were very active in the area in general. They commented that IF Bigfoot was in Uwharrie, it was very likely he was going to end up on some hunters wall.