Sunday, December 4, 2011

Falls Lake

Inspired by a friend's gutsy 85 mile performance at the Crooked Road 24 hour Ultra, I got my butt out the door this morning and headed out to Falls Lake for some single track work. Arriving at the trail head just after 9am, I set out with no particular mileage in mind, just to get some easy trail work in.
    I had not been out to Fall Lake since all the fall foliage came down, so I had to make my way carefully through some of the more technical sections where the roots and rock were now well disguised.
It was a beautiful morning, sunny and not too cold. I shuffled along, meeting some doggies and taking pictures as I made my way down the trail.
I stopped off at a side trail that brought me down to the water's edge.

I came across this old abandoned car. I have no idea how the hell it got there. Gotta love the shotgun holes in the side!

One of the "less technical" sections of the trail, where I could give my brain a brief rest and just run!

In the home stretch!

I wound up getting in 6 miles, with no face plants or ankle rolls.

Speaking of falling foliage, when I got home I finally cleaned up the yard, a project I had been blowing off for several weeks. I just look at it as more "time on feet".

Not a bad Sunday indeed!