Saturday, July 23, 2011

But it's a moist heat!

Triple digit heat has made both work and training a bit of a challenge this week.

Yep, that is 10:42PM. 91 degrees. I had to resort to two runs on the treadmill this week. Thankfully it was some light mileage. (4 miles each session)  Only had to teach one spin class, so I could go to gym in the morning, get a run in, and then chill at the pool with daughter Jillian. We didn't last too long at poolside due to the heat.
This morning I got off work at 4am, came home and took a nice power nap, then headed out at 10:30am for a quick bike ride with my friend Amy. I had not ridden with her in ages, so it was great to be back out on the road with her! We scouted the bike course for the upcoming tri at the gym. I "volunteered" to do a bike leg of the tri, even though it is a sprint tri.   I will be riding a massive 11.4 miles, so I will have to work in some sprint intervals on the bike into my training program as well. The route has a few hills, and it was hot, but we still averaged 18.3 mph. Not too bad for  only being on the bike a handful of times this year.

Tomorrow is a 10 miler, then planning to run on the trails with some friends early Sunday morning.

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