Monday, July 4, 2011

The 4th, vacation and my upcoming half

I had a nice relaxing weekend. Friday I hit the gym with my daughter for a run on the treadmill. While I am not a huge fan of the "mill", I do use it from time to time. By.the time I got my "mojo" working, it was 2pm, and it was just too freakin' hot to run outside. Got four miles in and then ran one mile barefoot around the small track at the gym, getting some strange looks from folks in the process!
   Saturday morning I ran eight miles on the American Tobacco Trail with my friends Hannah and Heather. We got to the trail at 8am, which was a good thing, 'cause by the time we finished up, the trail was filled with walkers, runners and a ton of bikers! (Also came across two folks riding horses!) Then I spent the rest of the day lounging about the house.
  Sunday I spent chillin' in the morning over coffee and the newspaper, along with twitter, FB and email. Finally got our butts in gear and Hannah and I set out for a run at Lake Johnson.
     We got in two loops around the lake (6 miles). Then we went to Whole Foods and Fleet Feet. A great afternoon!
  No run on the fourth. We hit the bikes instead, inspired by Tyler Farrarr's win in stage 3 of the TDF.
  Happy Fourth everyone!!!

I am on vacation this week, and I will also be tapering (somewhat) for my trail half on Saturday July 9th. I have scouted the course, and it is challenging, to say the least. The 8:30am start concerns me a little bit, hope it is not too hot/humid. Got some Nuun hydration tablets, Vespa CV 25 and Honey Stinger gels for the journey. I also went out and bought some CW-X compression calf sleeves, not only for compression, but to help absorb some sweat off my legs so I do not drench my socks since I sweat like a f'ing pig!!!

Run hard, Run happy!

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