Monday, October 31, 2011

Rain, Faceplants and "Tebowing" on the Trail

After not getting many miles in during the week, I was able to work in two nice trail runs over the weekend.  Saturday's run was a bit of a mental challenge, due to the fact that when I woke up at 5am it was 39 degrees and pouring rain. I was scheduled to me my friend Lauren, a talented and strong ultra runner, at 6:30am for a 12 miler at Umstead State Park. Driving to the park, I began to have doubts that we would be running at all! Heavy rain pelted my car as I semi hydroplaned along the road. By the time I met Lauren at the Tile Store parking lot, the rain had subsided. We both put on our hats and gloves and headed down the road leading to the park, where I was promptly almost run over by a car.
Entering the safety and security of the park, we started pounding out the miles. The plan was to do six miles out and six miles back. Around mile five, the rain returned. The trails were empty, with most folks electing to sleep in and avoid the rain. We finally saw our friends Amy and Joey at around mile nine, they were just starting their run!
By mile ten I began to feel very heavy. Water had penetrated every inch of my gear, including my shoes and sox. We pushed on, and before I knew it, we were back out on the road and headed to the car. We were wet, cold and tired, but proud we had gutted it out.
 I headed home and then took one of the greatest showers of my life!

  Sunday morning I treated myself and slept in. I knew I wanted to run, I just didn't know where it would be. I finally decided on Raven Rock State Park. The "Campbell Creek" Trail is a five mile loop that goes down to the Cape Fear River. The skies were crystal clear and temps were warmer, a really beautiful fall day.
I felt good as I completed the first five mile loop. At the start of the second lap, I hooked my right foot on a root, resulting in a rather spectacular "Pete Rose" style face plant! Stunned for a second, I immediately began laughing hysterically at nyself. It was quite liberating, I must say.
  Dusting myself off, I pressed on, taking a short side trail to Lanier Falls, then back up a section of stairs to the main trail.

  Reaching the finish, I could not resist. I got a shot of myself "Tebowing".

The Derby 50K is in four weeks. Time to get in some miles!

Have a great week!


  1. I was down at Raven Rock the other weekend and enjoyed the Campbell Trail. A nice long hill back up to the parking lot too. A pretty technical and rocky trail in some spots.

  2. Hey Gene, I just started following (on twitter and DM, too- Erik A./ Running Moose). That Tebowing pic is classic! Thanks for the laugh!