Sunday, October 16, 2011

Triple Lakes Half/New addition to support crew

Had a good run at the Triple Lakes Trail Half yesterday. Beautiful weather for a race! Temp was around 50 degrees at the start time of 8am. The first mile was paved trail, so I went out faster than I should have. (As I am known to do!) My first mile split was somewhere around 8:30, which is usually my 5K pace, but I felt good, so I dialed it back just a little and continued on my way. I felt really good up untill mile 8 or so, then I began to pay for my quick start. The terrain became a little bit hillier, and I was having to work hard to stay in a nice rhythm. I also was nearly run over by four deer that came scampering through the woods around mile 9! I held my form together and emerged from the woods thinking the finish was right in front of me, but there was a surprise waiting for me. We had to run on a grassy loop around a small lake, then run uphill to the finish! One final staggering push later, I was done. Finished in 2:25, a little slower than I wanted, but I was happy none the less.
Watching on crutches from the sideline was my buddy and training partner Hannah. A fractured Talar (ankle) has her off the trails for a while, which makes us both sad.
In the meantime, there has been an addition to my training/support crew, a 10 month old hound mix named Culliver. We picked him up from the shelter a week ago and he is such a good boy! There have only been several "accidents" so far, and he is a pretty chill dog! I have not taken him out on a run with me yet, still waiting for his bones to mature, plus he has no ability to run in a straight line! He does however seem to have that whole "taper" thing down already!

Now the plan is to get in some nice long runs in preparation for the Derby 50K. I am not entered in any races until then, but you never know............... 


  1. you say "I went out faster than I should have". Hahaha, this is familiar to me. Regards