Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

I began Father's Day in a rather non traditional way by getting up at the ass crack of dawn. This was by design, since I wanted to head out to Troy, NC to scout out the course for the Uwharrie Rumble half on July 9th. It is about two hours to Troy from my house, so at 5:15am, coffee in hand, I headed out on the road.
The ride out was nice, no traffic, and the rising sun was behind me as I headed west.

As a Father's Day gift to myself, I had purchased a pair of New Balance Minimus Trail shoes on Friday, and this run would be their maiden voyage. They got quite a good break in!!! ROCKS! lots of 'em. Pointy rocks, that my right foot seemed to have a knack for finding at a continuous rate. There had also been a storm that passed through the area the night before, scattering branches about the trail as well. Since it appeared that I was the first one out on the trails that morning, I also ran through about 200 spider webs! Combine that with 3900+ feet of elevation gain over 10.5 miles, and you've got the Father's Day gift that keeps on giving.
   The ride back home was not as enjoyable. (Imagine!) Drove back in my bare feet, cursing the fact that my Suzuki does not have cruise control, and dodging church traffic along the highway.

Upon returning home, I received  another gift. The wife and kids were headed out to watch a B-Ball tournament, then going to visit their uncle. I had the house to myself. I celebrated with an "Afternoon of Sloth", re hydrating, refueling and napping on the couch.....glorious!!
I did manage to get a quick shot of me and two of my girls when I got back from the run.
Overall, a great Father's Day!!

PS: I will be wearing my GoLite trails shoes (with their sturdy soles) on July 9th!!

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