Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Product Review: BodyGlide WarmFX

The good folks at BodyGlide were kind enough to allow me to test their WarmFx anti pain balm recently, and here is my review on the product.

The first thing that impressed me was that it was a roll on. Most muscle relief products come in tubs or tubes which you have to then apply with your fingers. That can get messy. The WarmFx you can roll right on to affected area with no mess or clean up. It is also very portable in roll on form and you do not have to worry about it spilling in your gym or race bag!

The active ingredients are Menthol (15%) and Methyl salicylate (30%), both topical
analgesics. You can apply it to affected area up to 4 times a day.

The first test was after a hard 12 mile single track run which involved a lot of climbing. Needless to say, my calves were trashed! I applied WarmFx to the calves and right away I could feel a nice gentle heat on the affected area. The more you apply, the greater the warmth. It is also non greasy, and feels very light on the skin. Another thing I like about it is the scent. It is noticeable, but not pungent. I have used other products that can clear a room, and have you eyes watering for hours!

The warmth and relief last a while as well. I used it several more times post run and bike and had favorable results each time.

The next test was pre workout. I meet several times a week with my ultra training partners at 5am for our usual 10 miles. Now that I am in my forties, I can no longer spring out of the car and drop comfortably right into a run. The first mile is generally at "shuffle" pace, until I can get all major joints and limbs up and on line. I applied the WarmFx to the calf and quad areas pre run, and did notice a decrease in tightness and a decrease in the time it took to get up to normal running pace. On again, due to the ease of application, it was a quick application of the product, even at the challenging hour of 5am!

Overall I was very impressed with the WarmFx and would recommend it to my ultra friends and others as well. It can also be used for simple backache, arthritis, sprains and cramps too!

Thanks to the folks at BodyGlide for including me in the review process and allowing me input! Be sure to check out their other great products, especially their "Anti chafe" balm which has saved my butt on many a long run and 50K race!

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