Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pre Race Rituals

It's the day before a race. ( In my case two days before) I am gathering up my gear to pack for the road trip up to Va. for the Eastern Divide 50K. The usual items. Garmin, charger, enough tech shirts, shorts and sock to last for three races. There are also the books and magazines that I always pack, but never seem to read. The hydro vest is packed with essential race day supplies: small first aid kit, alleve, gels, chews and wet wipes.
  I have gone to the store to pick up additional vegan supplies, never knowing what if any vegan items will be available at or near the race.
 I now do a second inventory, add a few more shirts and shorts. Throw in a couple of pairs of shoes besides my beloved Brooks Pure Grit, which will be accompanying me on yet another 50K. The pile is slowly forming.

There is one other pre race ritual I practice that many will think is very weird...... I shave my legs. There, I said it.  I have been shaving my legs for the last several years, starting when I was heavily into cycling. If you have ever had road rash from a crash, you know how difficult it can be to clean the wound with some hairy ass legs!  Plus, you just FEEL faster with shaved legs. So now a day or two before every race, I bust out the Gillette Sensor and go to work. I am a razor man! I have gotten the technique down over several years of practice, even conquering the dreaded "behind the knee" nether region.
  I also feel I am doing a service for the people I train and race with. I have run and cycled behind many a hairy legged man, and it has not been pretty. 

I do this because I care!

So, what are your pre race rituals? Got any strange ones? I'd love to hear about them!!



  1. Not necessarily weird, but I cut back on fiber and coffee the day before long races (and runs in general) to help avoid stomach issues...

  2. I have made the mistake on over indulging on coffee race morning and have paid the price! Thanks for the input Erik!!

  3. I have a checklist for trail races and a different one for road races that I work through carefully. So far I've only shaved my legs for multi day trail races but I am thinking of doing it more often.

  4. Good stuff Johann! Thanks for the response!!