Tuesday, June 12, 2012

National Running Day

June 6th was National Running Day and I was lucky enough to celebrate that day by getting in two runs with some of my closest running buddies! The day started early with a 10 mile run with the "5am" crew, Lauren and Mo. The three of us have logged many miles together. We share a bond forged by cold miles in the dark, pain, suffering, joy, triumph and defeat. I ran my first 100K with Lauren. Mo and I conquered the Uwharrie Mountain 40 miler together. Mo and I had the honor of pacing Lauren as she completed the Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Challenge. An outsider eavesdropping on one of our trail running conversations would be taken aback by the dizzying array of curious/disturbing/vulgar topics we can cover in less than a mile. We have all defecated in close proximity of one another. We laugh as much if not more than we run. We tell each other stuff we would never tell anyone else. Later that day I met my other running buddy Mika at Lake Pine for our weekly run. I had met Mika around the same time I met Mo and Lauren. I had just gotten back into running, and through the miracle of social media, had started meeting other folks who were into night runs, poop talk and chafing. Mika and I ran our first ultra together at the Derby 50K last November. I had talked her into it. She had recently completed a marathon, and I had rationalized to her that a 50K was a mere five miles longer than that. We both finished the 50K. I came in ahead of Mika, who faded a little bit around mile 20. The cause of her fatigue was diagnosed a few weeks later when her doctor advised her she was pregnant! We have met fairly religiously every week for a run since then. The run has gradually been replaced by a run/walk, and in the last week or so, a power walk. I cannot tell you the amount of inspiration I draw from this woman, who is still going strong 32 weeks into her pregnancy! We often kid one another that our runs are more of an abdominal work out than a cardio work out due to the constant laughter! Mika and I walked 5 miles that afternoon and laughed our way around the lake. Mika and I at the finish of the Derby 50K. So National Running Day was a true celebration! I am thankful to be surrounded by such great people not only on the trail but in life as well.

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  1. Awesome recap of National Running Day! Defecating in near proximity to each other, laughing more than running, and having vulgar conversations pretty much sums up our training! There have been countless times when my face hurts from too much consecutive laughing. Mika inspires me, she rocks!