Monday, August 1, 2011

Movin" right along

Had another good week of training last week. Once again I had to resort to some "creative" scheduling to fit it all (okay most) of it in. I got some good cross trains in by teaching spin three times as well.
Got the weekend off to a nice start Friday morning with a seven mile run with my friends Mika and Hannah at 7am. Saturday morning I taught spin class, then got home and finally mowed the lawn! My neighbors can probably tell when my training ramps up by the condition of my yard! (priorities!!)
  Saturday afternoon I went out shopping at my "Holy Trinity" of stores: All Star Bike Shop, Fleet Feet and Whole Foods. I got a new rear tire for the bike, some energy products at Fleet Feet and some good vegan stuff from Whole Foods!
Sunday was long run day. The initial plan was to get up and out early. Noon is early, right??? It was nice to sleep in, plus my running partner Hannah and I were still debating over where we should run our 18 miles. We finally decided on the trails around Falls Lake. Ignoring the ominous clouds that were forming during the drive, we arrived at the trail head and started the run. The first six miles were great, nice easy pace, plus we were the only people on the trail. We were going six miles out and back on the east side of the trail, stopping back at the car to get more water and food at mile twelve, the going three miles out and back on the west side.
Around mile 7-8 is when the heavy rain and thunderstorms hit. Even with the canopy provided by the trees, there was no escape from the deluge! After freaking out a bit, I settled myself back down and began splashing my way down the trail.
By the time we had made it back to the car at mile 12, the rain had stopped. We stripped off our water logged gear and both of us changed into dry clothes. My GoLites were so soaked I switched into my Nike Free 3.0 for the last six miles.
We fueled up, refilled our water bottles and headed out for the final 6 miles. It felt good to be in dry gear! Thankfully, it did not rain for those final six miles. My Garmin had stopped around mile eight, when I took it off and put it in a pocket of my belt, fearing it would get trashed by the rain. As I write this, my camera is still drying out, foggy screen and all.
Got home, had an awesome shower, slipped on the compression calf sleeves, made some Soba noodles with spicy peanut sauce and hit the couch.
Remembered about the 50 pound bag of nasty water drenched running gear in the car, so I retrieved that, did laundry and went to bed.
Rest day Monday, then back to it!
Have a great week! I cannot believe it is August already! 

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