Saturday, August 20, 2011

Catching Up

It has been quite the hectic two weeks since the last post.  I celebrated my 48th birthday on the 13th of this month, to limited fanfare, except for a nice 20 mile trail run at Umstead park. Training has been going well, we have had a little relief from the oppressive heat that plagued us earlier in the month.Ive been extremely busy with my "real" job, plus teaching spin class 2-3 times per week, and trying to fit in at least five runs per week on top of that!
Last weekend I busted out the bike to do a leg of our local triathlon. It was a sprint distance of 11.4 miles and I wound up averaging 19.2 miles an hour.
Today, another milestone. I am sending my first daughter off to college. She is attending East Carolina University, majoring in Athletic Training and Sports Medicine. This is good news for the old man. Perhaps I can get a little "pro bono" work out of her.
I have not stopped to contemplate what my reaction will be once we get her moved in, get back in the car and head home. True to my Irish heritage, I am a classic weeper. I pray I don't encounter any form of bagpipe music on the two hour drive home, for I might lose it all together.

I'm sure I will sort through some of these emotions when I get out for my 10 mile trail run on Sunday.
May have to pack some tissues in the old Nathan Hydro vest, just in case...........


  1. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

    How did you make out with "Irene"? Hope all is well :)

    Sorry that you'll be missing your daughter...... It will get easier!

  2. So. Did you hear bagpipes after dropping your oldest off at ECU? How well have you held up since that "NA Rite of Passage day"?

    Don't know her really well, but from what I've seen & heard I do believe our world will be enhanced. Including the field of Athletics & Sports Training. She will contribute with significance.

    She's smart, strong, beautiful, confident...a real go-getter. Same goes for her, new, identity & aptitude as a fresh woman in the halls of higher education.

    Weeping is ok too, though Gene. It just might be what rebounds our strength. And aren't the Irish known for the latter as well?

    Hope your birthday was a good day. Congratulations on the CW bike leg. That 's some mighty powerful mph. And I knowz ya can't b doin eny draftin in dat ol' sport.