Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Product Review: Pro Compression Athletic Performance Socks

    Upon returning home from the Crooked Road 24 Hour Ultra, I was delighted to see a package from Pro Compression sitting on the kitchen counter. Inside were two pair of their Athletic Performance socks. After running for almost 20 hours straight, amassing 68 miles in the process, I was damn sure ready for some compression and recovery!

   I am sure it was comical watching me put them on. Not being the most flexible of people to begin with, then adding in the abuse of the race, I struggled mightily with them. They are tight, and more difficult to put on then other socks. There is a reason for this..... Compression! Once they were on, they felt extremely comfortable. It is worth the effort, believe me!  In true ultra running style, I got comfortable and fell into a deep sleep. Wore the socks all night. In the morning the legs and feet felt great! Especially the calves. My right foot had some soreness the night before, but was feeling much better in the morning!

  The next test was a nice 14 mile run along the Bridle trails and single track at Umstead State Park. With it's rather hilly terrain, it was a perfect spot for a test ride (run)!

Ready to hit the trails!

  The socks were great! The best part was that I didn't FEEL like I was wearing compression socks. Once again, very comfortable, but with the right amount of tight! My training partner Hannah and I hit the hills pretty hard, and my calves felt good the whole way. The feet held up well also! No issues with hot spots or discomfort, even pounding down the single track trail.
Going up!

Pro Compression Socks Rock! I would recommend them  not just to runners but all endurance athletes. They "Keep it Tight" and let you go with the (vascular) flow! They come in a variety of styles and colors too!
For more info, visit them at : http://www.procompression.com/ 
  As a special offer for my readers, Pro Compression has provided a code, for 40% off and free shipping. Code is: FIT 40. It is good thru 12/15! They make a perfect gift for that runner or endurance athlete in your life!


  1. I love compression gear! These are on my Christmas wish list for sure!

  2. Move those socks! I can't see the Montrails!! ;) I do seriously love compression socks!!

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  4. Compression socks are great specially while running and travelling. They can help a lot, no wonder there are many triathletes and runners today that are using them. As for me I use them because they feel so comfortable as well as some of these compression socks are stylish. Pink is my favorite color and I even buy often through online at Legs Therapy. :)