Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Product Review: BodyGlide Liquified Powder

The folks over at BodyGlide have added another weapon in their arsenal against friction with their Liquified Powder Lubricant. This product goes on as a cream and transforms itself into a nice and dry yet effective coating against friction and skin irritation. It also has a clean scent and once applied, is a very light, breathable barrier that is virtually unnoticeable.

  We have been having another one of our hot and humid Carolina summers here, so I was interested in seeing how the Liquid Powder would hold up in 90+ degrees and high humidity. I started out the evaluation on one of our typical 10 mile training runs at 5am. Even at that early hour, it only takes a mile or so for my running gear to become soggy! Sweat soaked gear can easily lead to chafing, but I was happy to find no issues in the nether region and elsewhere!

  The next test was on the bike. As many of we cyclists know, a little friction can lead to a long day in the saddle! As a way to celebrate my Birthday, my friend and I went out on a 36 mile road ride. I always wear cycling bibs with a chamois for added comfort, but even that can become irritating after a few hot and sweaty hours on the bike. Once again I had no issues with chafing, even after several hours on the bike.

A "Friction Free" B-Day ride!

  The final exam was this past weekend's Medoc Mountain Trail Run. This run is also affectionately called the "Medoc Meltdown" due to it being held in the middle of August!

I wound up running 28 miles, a few shy of 50K, and was fighting the heat all day. The Liquified Powder turned in another strong performance, keeping me friction free throughout the run. The only irritation to my skin was some horse fly and chigger bites!

"Gliding" along the trail at the Medoc Mountain Meltdown!

    I would highly recommend this product for people who want friction and chafing protection without the heavy feel or residue that other products leave behind. The .135 fl. oz tube can easily be stored in the pockets of running shorts,  hand held hydration systems or cycling jerseys. It's "no mess" application is well suited for "on the run" use as well!

  Be sure to visit http://www.bodyglide.com/#/home for more info on Liquified Powder and all the other great products from BodyGlide!




  1. You had some beastly training going on there to test it! Nice job. Sounds like a good product. My problem is I always forget to put anything like that on--always remember when I hit the shower after the fact though! ; )

  2. Whoa I have not seen this one yet - must find! Thanks sharing for the great review.