Monday, July 28, 2014

Cold Front

This past weekend I was an absolute slug. Not by choice, mind you. I had started getting a sore throat on Thursday night, and trying not to panic I proceeded full force into my normal Friday routine. I had runners at 6:30am, 7:30am and taught boot camp class at 9:30am. By now you would think I would know better that screaming at people for a full hour in boot camp class is not a good cure for a sore throat. Undaunted, I promptly left the gym after class and went home.......And then cut the lawn. Because let's face it, what is more soothing to the throat than dust and flying grass particles?

Needless to say, Friday night was an early night for me. I knew I was sick, I just didn't want to accept it! I received full confirmation of this upon waking up on Saturday morning. Thankfully, the two women I coach on Saturdays were both out of town and I had no classes to teach at the gym. The sore throat had morphed into a searing sinus headache and congestion. Awesome. I sat around and drank coffee and watched the Tour de France time trials during the morning, then spent the rest of the day napping, which would have been an awesome day if I had not felt like shit!

"I am NOT sick!"

 Sunday was basically a repeat of Saturday, only now the nose was running non stop and I had picked up a bit of a cough. I was a COMPLETE sloth on Sunday. I realized this when I found myself watching an entire NASCAR race, from start to finish. Yikes.

This morning I awoke feeling somewhat better, and now that the day has progressed, I am starting to feel much better. I had been going pretty hard with my own training recently, on top of teaching multiple classes a day and coaching various runners in between. So I am taking this illness as a sign. Initially I was freaking out about not getting in a  long run  this weekend, but I think the rest was just the thing I needed. It came at a good point also. The next two months will be focused on some high quality training for the 100 miler in October, so I consider this past weekend a "Reset" of sorts.

In the midst of all this sloth I did receive some good news. I have been selected to be an Ink n Burn ambassador! I am looking forward to working with this awesome group of people! I will be posting more info soon, including a discount code to use on their website.  Check them out here:


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