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Product Review: Klean Athlete Multivitamin and Klean Endurance

Let's face it. There are a zillion supplements out there. Even with careful study, it can be a confusing maze of information to navigate in order to determine what are the right products for you.
  When I received some product to review from Klean Athlete, I was impressed to discover that all their products were NSF Certified for Sport. Everything in their product line is free of yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, corn, sugar or starch. 

  The Klean multivitamin is designed specifically for athletes and contains no filler or excess amounts of Magnesium or Calcium. Comprised of a fruit and vegetable blend, it provides a nice balance of ingredients to help you stay healthy.
 The really nice thing about the Klean Athlete Multivitamin is they are not giant capsules you have to choke down with copious amounts of water! Just two very manageable tablets with meals to aid in absorption is all you need.

My former Multivitamin pack I had to choke down every morning!

The Klean Athlete Multivitamin!
EZ to Take!
After taking the Klean Multivitamin for several weeks, I did feel a slight boost in energy levels. Between working at the gym, starting a running club and training for my 100 mile run in April, I am constantly on the go. I also work with children once or twice a week at my gym teaching a "Skills and Drills" program. As everyone is certainly aware, kids are little germ factories, and after high fiving 20 sniffling children at the end of each class, I need all the immune system boost I can get! I am happy to report that I did not catch a cold or the Flu over the past several weeks, while other employees have succumbed.
Here is a link to the Product label for Klean Multivitamin:

   The other product I received was the Klean Athlete Endurance dietary supplement.
Klean Athlete Endurance is a chewable supplement containing D-ribose, which aids in the production of ATP in the body to help recovery and support energy production.
  These chewable tablets are great for recovery on the go and best of all they taste good!
Gettin' "Klean" after a trail run!

 I used Klean Endurance at the gym between workouts and after long runs to help me recover. I used Endurance after my tough 40 mile trail race which was on a Saturday, and was actually able to go to the gym the next day and teach a spin class! I did find that I was less sore than normal and was able to recover quicker. 
At the finish of the 40 mile trail race!

Teaching Spin class the next day!

 Klean Endurance Tablet.
Easy to chew and tastes good too!

For more info on the Klean Endurance Tablets, click on this link:
  I would highly recommend both these products for Athletes looking for optimal health and a boost in performance without unnecessary fillers and additives.

For more information on these and other products in the Klean line, visit
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