Saturday, October 20, 2012

Product Review: Saucony Guide 6

Recently the good folks at Saucony sent me a pair of their new "Guide 6" running shoes to test out. They are scheduled to come out on November 1st.

They felt comfortable right out of the box. This is not a shoe that will require any "break in" time. The size 11 I tested had ample room in the toe box area. I do not have a particularly wide foot, but other brands I have run in tended to feel a bit narrower in that size.
  The drop on these is 8mm, which felt fine even though I generally run in a 4mm drop shoe.

  The first test was a four mile run on asphalt. The Guide 6 felt good, a nice mix of both support and stability.They have a very light feel to them. I was running with a friend who had recently had a child, so I even got to put the Guide 6 through 2 miles of "stroller" testing!

  The second run was on the treadmill at the gym. I find the treadmill not to be as easy on the joints as people think, but here again the 6's did well. I took them through some "strides" at a good hard pace and did not feel any discomfort even with the hammer down.

  Yesterday's test run included some hill work. I had to bring my car into the shop for brakes, and being the runner that I am, ran home from the repair shop! The shop sits at the bottom of a hill, so up we went! The shoe felt good on the climb, still supported well even when the foot strike became more pronounced on the forefoot. They returned the energy nicely back to the legs. On the subsequent downhill, the foot stayed stable, not sliding up towards the front of the shoe at all.
  I would highly recommend this shoe for anyone looking for a light, supportive, everyday training shoe. The Guide 6 is also a great shoe for anyone who has been running in a higher drop shoe and wants to experience a more minimalist feel but still have plenty of guidance and support.
 A nice job by the folks at Saucony!

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  1. Thanks! Have you used the Guide 5 and can you comment on differences? I was planning on the G5 as my next pair but by the time my Shadow 6000's (returned to action after 12 years of retirement) wear out the G6 will be available and the G5 will hopefully be cheap.