Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekend Update

It's Sunday, 5:40pm. It feels like I just got the opportunity to sit down.

  I got off work Friday morning around 4am. Got my butt up at 8am to take a spin class my friend Amy was teaching. It was nice to be TAKING a spin class instead of TEACHING one! Went to the bank after class, got home and was about to get in a nap when my boss called and  told me we had an emergency service to take care of. Back out the door I went. Emergency service completed, I returned home around 4pm. By this point, I was fried. I was rocking 2 hours of sleep over 26 hours.I got myself something to eat, claimed my spot on the couch, and spent the rest of the evening drifting in and out of consciousness. Then I officially went to sleep.

Got up early Saturday morning to head out on a trail run with my training partner. New location, some wrong turns, getting separated, running endlessly around the trails looking for each other...... well you get the picture. 18 miles later, "Lewis & Clark" were reunited. What started as a training run turned into an adventure race.

   What does one do to recover after that? Why they come home an mow the lawn. All 3/4 of an acre of it. And they do it in compression calf sleeves.

Then I got something to eat, claimed my spot on the couch.......... you know the rest.

   Up early again on Sunday morning, taking care of all the stuff I did not get to on Saturday. I was hosting a two hour 9/11 Memorial spin class at the gym, and had still not finalized the music or routines. Several cups of strong coffee later, that task was completed.

Headed out to the gym at 11:30am, class was from 12-2pm. Legs felt good 'till the last half hour, then they got tired.
Got home, did laundry. (The workout/funk pile) Then took the girls to Starbucks, went to the supermarket and got back to the house for the 4pm NFL game. I made myself and awesome smoothie, ( hemp protein powder, Udo's oil, avocado, frozen fruit,chia seeds and macca powder) and parked my ass in the comfy chair.
   All that's left is to get my workout gear off the clothesline, slip on my compression sleeves and get myself something to eat. Then I will claim my spot on the couch........... 

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